CSC 495: Presentation Poster Project

These past two weeks, I have been working on my poster project. So far, I have varying success but not without stress. It’s been hard trying to learn a new labor position, finish an internship, taking six classes, warping up college, and starting an outside of family and the college. It been a challenge and it has affected my work and another area of my life (I will continue this in another post). This being said it has directly affected my poster design where I will go into more detail below.

Below is my result of my draft that I had. NOTE: Still a work in progress.

Poster CSC 495.png

A little bit about life at the moment:

Currently, at this point, I have completed most of requires of my internship as you can see by my other posts. It just leaves the poster and the presentation that I will give here in about week. This past, Monday the poster draft was due and I submit a poster that I worked on for a good solid three to four hours with limit resource give by the computer science program. During this process, I had a hard time because of the amount of work that was required from me of my other classes and limited time I had to complete this poster. This lead me to feeling stress and unhappy with the whole situation. In the end, I believed that I had done a great job with the instruction that I had been giving. Which felt great being that this week has me feeling very melancholy. Yesterday, we did a surprise  mock poster presentation. This went surprisingly well and I really like it. It gives me a great overview of what the instructors wanted and showed me what I wanted out of my poster presentation.

Draft to Final Poster Presentation:

First of all, let us go through the pros and cons of the poster:


Great header

Great diagram


Text is too small

Text is hard to read

No information about result

No information about myself

Above is the feedback that from the mock presentation and my own reflection. I will be making changes in the few days over these pros and cons.

Thank You

At the end of the day, I ready enjoined the work at my internship even with all the challenges that I faced this summer. Thank you to Computer Science Program, Disability and Accessibility Services and the Office of Academic Services at Berea College for allowing me to have the opportune of this summer internship’s experience without everyone involve I could not have this opportune. As Senior, this will be my final post in the CSC 495 category.


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