CSC 386: Hacking the Jeep


Today, in my CSC 386 class, we talked about an artilce about two programmers hacking a Jeep. After watching this video about the Jeep Cherokee from Wired, I started thing how would is this going to effect people if someone else when any of these issues in the video come up, when someone is diving or even a emergency condition. How does this effect the future of smart vehicle? Will there being a bad stereotype of these smart vehicle like your current smart cars.

Image you are on the highway and the engine is killed and you don’t know. Yes, it sucks but doesn’t this happen already. Then, there is the through of the new and the error that arrives with future of technology that drives a fear in all of us. The fear of the unknown. This is a fear is everyone’s fear because as customers we want to have a product that works the way it was designed. This is our human problem and our paradox that we create for ourselves as consumers. So, Yes, I believe that these smart vehicle will be fear because of the stereotypes with modern electrons and the misunderstanding of how these vehicle work. Also with how security work in general. As humans we a hardwired with fear and we use this as a defense but in most situations we can jumps to conclusions and stick to ignorance make a judgment. A lot of time this is cause of miscommunication or misdirection by the media. Which is why, I believe that yes, this vehicle will create a fearful stereotype of smart vehicles especially because companies are being quite rather than open about the topic.

I can’t even image t the effect on the company if a person were to get hurt or died in a car crash, plus the ethics issues that this would create. I believe that if this were to come true than news and media would eat it up and split out quicker than you could said “OMG”. They said that this did happen that someone died this smart vehicle because of a software malfunction . I believe that the company should pay for the damages. But say if the car is hack, I still say have the company pay for the damages and the company should handle the issue of the security breach and come after the person who broke into there software and killed the person. Then, here comes the kicker, what happens the car has trouble and it been a couple of year and the vehicle has wear and tear damage is it the company or the owner issue. How company stops providing support who take care of the software in the car then. Here is a problem. Now, factor in the car repair and the price and this becomes a huge issue that people are not going to favor if there old vehicle does ask for more issues. I find it fascinating and interesting, looking forward to see what happen in the upcoming years. Giving that I believe that if these software embedded cars are not going to a easy introduction to the public.

I hope for the future that these car have an opportune to show there merit rather become a headache for public. I look forward to see smart vehicles becoming safer and cheaper. As for the moment, I don’t want a smart vehicle but I would invest in smart vehicle because I see myself wanting one in the future but for now as a poor college student, I believe it is best to stick to cheaper solutions.





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