CSC 495 – Week 2 – SQL and SQLite


Now, this is another post I forgot to post. I had almost finished but moved on most and never posted it. Well, here it is now:

These past weeks as an intern have been great. I have learned a lot about Disability and Accessibility Services , Flask, SQL, SQLite, PeeWee, Jinja, Software Design and a lot more. Below, I will be going to more detail about SQL and SQLite and what I have learned throughout this past week.

Now, I don’t know about you but my first question my I saw these things were what are they and what is different. Please, that before this internship I deal it or build a database. So, I had no idea. Anyway, so I look up on Wiki like everyone else and was every confused at first. Before this, I had worked on Ruby on Rails but never the database side of things. I did most frontend development with a little bit of coding in the controllers. So, this was completely new to me and I didn’t understand it at all. It wasn’t until I woke the Codecademy course that I realize that it was.

SQL is a database language in short. A language like any other language but this one is designed for you to storage data effectively and easy that way you don’t have go all the trouble of design a way to storage data is an effective way.

SQLite on the hand is an open source database system that uses that SQL database language. This system is unquick in the way that it is a sole file on your system make it very lite hints the name.

All other, I learned how to make a small database to where I can store and receive data from. This is only one step in making the DAS database. Thank you for reading.


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