CSC 495: Video Presention

My internship requests a video presentation as well and formal presentation. Here are some my ideas of a video presentation.

If this is the first time and you don’t know what I have been working on I suggest you see my other earlier post about my Database Work.

Anyway, I thinking:

  • A nice slideshow that I go through my database. That will show the database’s interface and how it works.
  • A live demonstration of my database, where I could do a walkthrough and that way I could show my everyone how the accessibility features work.
  • Go through what the Section 508 Standards are, how do we use them and why are they important.
  • Go through it the database’s Shema and how that each relates back to my demonstration. Plus, I could explain why I set up the Shema the way I did.
  • I could explain how that database I build help and improve the disability and accessibility services. One way I could do this would be to show and explain the previous conversion process and show my new process by comparing flowcharts.
  • I could show numbers on how it would improve but I would only have that month few weeks in August to collect data.
  • I could explain how Flask Work and how I use it to build what I did.
  • I could just show random pictures of cats. Just kidding.

In conclusion, I think that any three or four of these ideas would work for my video presentation. If you are interested I also posted ideas on my presentation. Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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