CSC 495 – Three going on four!


Now, this post I forgot to post on the fourth week of my internship. I had finished most of it but never posted it and here it is.

These past weeks as an intern have been great. I have learned a lot about Disability and Accessibility Services , Flask, SQL, SQLite, PeeWee, Jinja, Software Design and a lot more. Below, I will be going to more detail about these many things I learned throughout this week.

Disability and Accessibility Services:

I learned a lot about how we use and process with text conversions and I am starting to see how I can make this process if even better. I have talked to Lisa and Renea about my ideas and like them. First was to set that database to where it could link to Banner our Student database on campus this way we could type in a student information and get their class list along. Along this is idea was the idea of having a system that display or send mail notified when a student has that class updated that way we know what class they are taking as soon as possible. Along with that would another idea was to set up the database where it could link to the bookstore’s database to search the class to find the ISBN information, book title, and format for that the student. Another idea is to link Access Text Network to find if the text is available there. All three database could be linked but would be hard to link together. On top of that, an idea was to have the database to keep track of student information about their disability or choices to better accommodate the student, for example, said the student want pdf over a word then we would want to keep data so we don’t keep revisiting that question with the user. We went through a lot of ideas about how to better the process of the process and with that knowledge I am starting on the design of version zero.

In conclusion, I wrote a lot about what I learn from DAS and have decided to break up the rest into different parts. Thanks for reading.







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