CSC 495: The Future of the DAS Database

As you might now, my internship is coming to end and it raises the question “What will happen to the database that I am designing?” “Will it fall to some else or will you continue working on it?” Well, the answers are below.

Well, after the internship I hope to have effort time to work more on the Database especially since we are going to be using it next year. But for the rest of the summer, I am going to be spending any spare time on working and complete versions of the database to make it more useable for us in the fall. I hope that after I am gone that the database falls to someone else and they can take it further than I could. These are my hope and wish to this application. This is also why I writing a technical document rather than a research paper for final paper.

The database itself will hopefully be implemented and Disability and Accessibility Services will use this to improve the conversion process. As I said above I will make a great effort to keep the database updated and working in the next year and I hope that they get another student to keep that cycle going. I am really hopeful for this database and I hope it makes a different in our workflow it was a great time working a project like this and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope I get another opportunity like this again. Thank you for reading.

In conclusion, I believe and hope that other people we continue on with this database. In the year to come, I will write hopefully even more about this database for future people to use and update. Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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