CSC 495: Learning Objectives

As you all may know, my internship is coming to end and that raises a question were my Learning Objectives meet in my internship proposal? Below, I will look at the Learning Objectives I set and then I will reflect on if I meet the objectives.

Well first we will look at my internship’s proposal objectives:

  • Apply concepts from my CS curriculum in a non-academic setting
  • Formulate and express a personal understanding of a modern work environment and how it relates to my personal career goals
  • Use oral communications skills to present complex ideas at the appropriate level for a specific audience
  • Use my written communications skills to present complex ideas at the appropriate level for a specific audience
  • Create project documentation using effective writing
  • Define levels of accessibility and accessibility in relation Section 508 standards
  • Design a database that attempts to meet Section 508 standards

Well, let us look at the first objective, Yes I believe I researched many systems and learned how to Flask basic database with intergraded systems. This can be shown throughout many of my post especially the ones where I going into detail about a particular tool I learned.  I believe the second objective also allow suit with the blog post examples that I have shown. Now, the third objective I have not had the chance to complete because the presentation comes later. The Fouth objective is also represented with my blog posts. Now, the Fifth objective is going to represent by my blog post and by my paper as well. The last two objectives, I feel I have done completely a fair amount and continually working on. In hind site, I felt that I have met most if not all the requirements in my proposal. I proud to say that I believe I have done a pretty good job. Thanks for reading.


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