CSC 495: Internship Notes


Here is my internship notes that I have currently. Before, I am going to go through my internship notes.

Now, this one is a little strange been that it about notes but I wanted to go through and internalize them and share them that way they are not lost.

Let’s start with a couple of my favorite notes:

I had an idea of integrated ISBN API as a backup if I didn’t get the access to the bookstore. ISBN API is a database that stores a lot of book information and it is free to use.

Another idea is integrated a notification system for all the users. This notification system would notification the Staff when a labor student submits a document or edits one. Notify the labor student when the document is approved or not. Sends the student a notification when a conversion was done and ready to download from the DAS database.

Along with that last idea, a message system would helpful. One the staff could send messages to the labor students about conversations or tasks.This could also implement on the student’s side allow that student to message the DAS or DAS to message the student. This could be used to send a form and get back data about the students or get feedback.

This one is alway double check your accessibility when testing. I wrote this to remind myself to make sure that I was working toward making an accessibility application.

In conclusion, these are just some of my idea I write down and didn’t go into great detail about because I was going to add them after I laid down that basic application. All in all, I believe that these are all great ideas but I do not see them go so far anytime soon unfortunately because of time constants. I sure hope that this application is built upon further in the future and I hope some of these ideas will make it in future versions. Thank you for reading.


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