CSC 495: Hello, World


This is an updated post. Notifying all that this past month has been pretty hard on me and my girlfriend and so I am releasing the rest of my post for my internship at one time. Being that this is my last day and I want to end it with a bang. That being so I have had a wonderful time working for Disability and Accessibility Services this summer making their database. Below, I will highlight some of the strengths and weakens during my internship and then in a later post, I will reflection on my internship as a whole.


  • Taking Reasonability
  • Leadership
  • Honesty

I felt that this summer I did a great job taking reasonability. These events being in charge of own hours, designing and implementing a database, moving into my first apartment, and going into my senior year, and dealing with all the others thing surrounding these events. This goes hand and hand with leadership that I had to present and I felt pretty when to meet those standards. Now, I admit that everyone has weakens even in different part of leadership. I felt like mine were shown through reasonability and honesty est. Honesty plays a big part because there were many times I wanted to lie and runway from things because of stress, injury, or pride. For example, earlier this week, I admit to wanted to lie in my bed and forgot about everyone because it felt like to the world was close in around me but the good thing is that I didn’t. Thanks to few, I got up with some help and kept moving forward. I keep pushing and I was reminded that it is okay to open up and fall down because someone will be there to help up again.


  • Communication
  • Motivation

I felt that communication could have been better this summer along this motivation. I admit that I have alway had a problem with addressing and communication to some else a problem that I might have. I don’t still quite understand why maybe a fail sense pride but I know, now that I have work more closely with that side of myself. I admit it because of some recent development, I have gotten better with seeing the signs but I still need to find ways to cope with my lack of motivation. I have been reading articles and watching videos about a lack of motivation. Most said that lack of motivation came from a lack of understanding of one’s self which is hard because when does one know itself. For example, I was watching a video from Vsauce and how he explain that we as human understand more about the universe than we know about the human brain. With that I not saying that it is hopeless but unclear. At the moment, I going to be work toward to building a strong foundation with myself to uncover the truth that is myself and I believe I will start by defining myself and reflecting in the days to come. Thank you, again for reading my post and have a great day.


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