CSC 495: Future and Career Goals

This is a topic and I wanted to talk about because everyone, this summer has asked me how does my internship relates to overarching my career goals? So below, I will go detail about how my internship relates to my future career goals.

I will admit this is alway a pretty hard question for me because I everyone I meet alway seems to want a grand answer or a right answer. The reason being is that every time I have answered that question being out or in school, I get these reactions. The most typical are this reaction “Okay” or “I see” like they don’t how to respond to this answer that I have given them even those it is their own question or like want more of an answer.  I never understood why people would ask this question and then respond in this matter. This makes me curious. Maybe it is the way I am answering the question maybe I am thinking on it too hard. I may never know but I do know this that I hate been asked this question in this manner. I feel the intention is well but what it does it makes the other person question their future in a way that isn’t needed. I believe this method could implement better than such make everyone fill in a short answer question that most like BSed anyway. Think about did you or anyone you known ever have that answer let a loan come to the real answer to this question. I understand the think that goes behind the question but I think that we use it too much in education that is out of place. Think about in education use it as a means to collect data rather exploration and us student know this. For example college essays asked them all the time are answered look at for two whole minutes as a method to see who has a high writing or drive and how will affect campus. In classes it a grade that teachers hand out to you. What I want is a teacher or an education system that asks for my future goals and questions them because that is how the real world works. Now, I know that you are probably thinking this kid is just stepping out into the real world and he has no here to talk but that the problem, as I am stepping I am making a shift and I am writing my feeling on the matter. This way, I can tell my experience and how that could have been better so that one day some else kid could live a better life. Anyone, I have to spend to much time on this thought.

This is my goal after college I want to move with my girlfriend to Chicago and find a nice place with a nice software engineering job. Now for me here where things get unsure. I don’t know what type of software engineering I want to be yet. But, here is what I know, I like programming, I have experience now in designing my own database using Python Flask and a fair bit of knowledge in Ruby on Rails. As a programmer, I also have a fair bit programmer language knowledge to where I am proficient in Python, Ruby, C++ and Javascript.

After doing some research I found this article “The 7 types of Software Development” by James D. McCaffrey where he describes as the title suggests the 7 types of Software Development of in my case Software Engineering because they are interchangeable. So let’s break this article down, McCaffrey says that “Every time he is asked the question what different types of software development are there he was unsure how to answer because in his sees that the same as asking what different types of animals are there.” So he writes this post to clear the matter by breaking down software development into seven categories:

  • “Applications Development – Designing and coding software which is used by humans to solve a particular practical problem. For example, the developers in a company’s IT department may write a tool designed to help the sales staff manage sales data. The term “applications development” usually implies non-Web-based software. The most common languages used by applications developers are Java, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#.”
  • “Systems Development – Designing and coding software which works behind the scenes. For example, several thousand engineers who work at Microsoft developing the Windows operating system are systems developers. A subcategory is API development, where engineers write code which is intended to be used by other developers who are writing application programs. The most common languages used by systems developers are C and C++.”
  • “Web Development – Designing and coding applications which are housed in a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Firefox. For example, an online shopping system such as is an example of Web development. The most common languages used by Web developers are HTML, VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, VB.NET, and C#.”
  • “Embedded Systems Development – Designing and coding software which works on non-computer devices. For example, engineers who write programs which control the guidance systems of military devices are writing embedded systems code. The most common languages used by embedded systems developers are Assembly Languages, C, and special one-of-a-kind languages.”
  • “Scientific Development – Designing and coding software which is primarily numerical. This type of programming is much less common than it used to be. The most common languages used by scientific programmers are C and C++.”
  • “Test Automation – Designing and coding software which tests other software. Microsoft employs thousands of these engineers who have job title Software Design Engineer in Test or SDET for short. The most common programming languages used by test engineers are Perl, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#.”
  • “Other Development – Anything not listed above.”

After reading this I was able to point out three areas of software development that I would like.

  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Applications Development
  • Systems Development

but the problem is that I could see myself working for anyone of these seven because of my skills and the other issue is that they not that different except for the languages which I can always learn in the future. So, this my sensor year is going to being interest at the very least. Thank you for read and hope you have a great day.




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