CSC 495: Building up my Portfolio

In conjunction with my other posts, I am writing about internship and things that I doing towards the end. So it is time again to update my portfolio with my internship project that I did.

This Summer I have been I database for my internship if you want to know more please read some of my earlier posts, thank you.

Anyway, last semester or this past spring, I made a portfolio page for my CSC 486 class “Software Engineering”, in this class I build a Q&A forum for CodeWorkout with a team using Ruby on Rails. This was the first time I work on that big of a project. In the class my professor wanted us to document and make a portfolio of your work. This was a great idea and gave me the idea to upload my previous code to Github and then with a link linked with a portfolio page. Unfortchantly, I was really stressed with all my other class and I believe that I didn’t meet what I wanted. So, now that I have some time, I want to go back and document again.

So, this time, I am going to make a portfolio page for each type of project I have ever done. Then I will put that project in the left side bar on my blog. I am to make the layout like this:

  • Title with Introduction
  • Video (Optional)
  • Document
  • Link to the repositories
  • Contributions

I believe this will give a better idea of how to document and display my work for the future. Thank you for read and have a great day.


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