CSC 495: Topic Proposal Part 2: The Proposal


In my last post, I talked about what my proposal was and what it needed along how I made my decision on how I should make my paper. Below, I show my proposal and explain why I did what I did.


This summer I have been building a database with accessibility in mind. Meaning that I had to learn and research what it meant for a database to be accessible along with build a database from scratch. With both of those goals in mind, I set out on my internship. The internship started with defined who would be this and the database pursue. After a few sit-downs, my supervisor and I decided that the purpose of this database would be to minimize the amount a work during the conversion process. The conversion process is when DAS takes a document request from a student who needs alternate text and then finds the text, acquires the text and then makes a conversion into alternate text for the student. Please noted that this is a very shorten version of what happens. The point here we decide to make a database that we store the converted document and notify the student of a request. In addition, the student can make a request to DAS for Alternate Text. After we decided on the role of the database, we decided on are three type of users, Admin (Staff), Labor Student and Student. These roles would have this level of access. Admin with Full Access meaning that they can add and drop user, approve the document for the student user, along with any other access. Labor Student on the other hand only has the Access to upload, edit, download document. Lastly, the Student can only make a request and download the files he or she have available to them.


When writing this I thought to myself I should start off by explaining that project and what I am doing during the internship. The reason why I thought to myself what if some else is reading this who doesn’t what I am doing in the first place. So, I processed to write an introduction thinking that this is a way one writes a proposal. When I started to explain that different parts of the database. In my defense, I have only written two proposals in my life and it been a while but I just have used more of my resources.


I believe that it sets a milestone in my learning one where I am reflecting on my own work. After all said in done, I think I need to go back and redo this proposal. The idea was here but I don’t think it completes what it was set to complete. Thank you for reading and I should be posting about my draft for my technical document.


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