CSC 495: Topic Proposal Part 1: The Brain Storm


As you, all may know I am currently finishing up my internship. One of the requirements of my internship is that I write a topic proposal for my final paper. The research paper has to be one of these two things: 1) a research paper, inspired by your work… One example: A comparison of different software development styles (Agile, waterfall, etc.),

  • Research paper which can be inspired by your work.
  • Technical documentation about the software you developed.
The proposal itself is brief. A paragraph or two was needed to outlines my topic.

My Ideas:

When starting I had some idea of which paper I was going to do. My first idea was the research paper about how Comparing Ruby on Rail to Flask impletion. This made sense because I did just get done with my Software Engineering Class where my team and I were using Ruby on Rails. I saw this fitting perfectly in line because now, I was making my own Database for Disability and Accessibility Services here at Berea College using Flask.

Now, have been thinking about this for a while with all the things that have happened recently. I believe it would easier to make a technical document. My mindset is that I have already written a few of these posts like technical documents. So, it would not be hard to collect them and made them into one whole technical document. Plus, this way I reflect more and set a better foundation for others who want to update my project in the future. With that in mind in my next post, I will show  is my updated proposal.



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