CSC 495: Making an Accessible Website! Part 2


This post is part 2 in making an Accessible Website, please read part 1 before continuing.

In this post, I will cover multiple ways to tests and check accessibility on a website. Please note that no one website can very be 100% accessible.


Another test is to or Wave which will allow you to select a website and it will scan the website’s CSC and HTML to show you what is and is not Accessible on that web page. Some of the many features that it checks is button link and tags, along with heading. Wave using the WebAIM’s WCAG 2.0 also well as Section 508. Just a heads up, this is not an application that makes your application 100% accessible and just as said above no website is 100% accessible to anyone please keep that in mind. I will say that this application will help you get closer to a more accessible website and personly recommend it to anyone building a website of any kind.


For myself, that is a few options for me. One being, using the tab button expect for your mouse to use my website. My second method is to use a screen read while using a blindfold. The great thing about both of these tests is it easily stimulate. I want to note that both are not perfect tests and will need to reach out to a person with the type of disability and ask them to tested. Also, Please keep in mind that during testing if you or the test subject can not get to the information needed then you will want to redesign your web pages most likely, so be ready for a user to dislike it or even hate it. The feedback will make your website even better.

In Conclusion, I hope that this has helped you make your website more accessible and that you learn a little about accessible. I will be posting more about accessible in the near future, along with more updated on how my project is going. In my next few posts, I will be talking about  how I wrapping up Version Zero, what my next plan are for Version 1, as well another post about how my internship has been wrapping up this month.


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