CSC 495: Version Zero All the Needed Parts


This post is about all the parts that are going into version zero. Below, I am going talk about that different feature, pages, and database work that need to be included.


In terms of version zero, we are not adding different user levels yet. This will come later in the process in Version 2. Version Zero will just an application the just sends anyone to index at the start of the application. This way we have the bare bones of the application.


In terms of pages, Version Zero needs an Index page and Uploads page. The Index page will display the current files in the database with a table. Inside, this table the user will see the file name, be able to download the file and be able to edit the file. Then will would need a download page that allows the user to download a file of their choosing, see that that file has been selected and then add to the database. Last but not least, we need an edit page that allows the user to edit, delete a file in the database.


The one number feature in mind is accessibility, meaning that it follows WebAIM documentation. For example, a great test is to use the tab button to use your website rather a mouse and if you can not get to the information needed you need to re-code. Another test is to or to use a screen read. Next features in mind to have a search feature for each document in the database.


I believe this should be a great backbone to start with and build off in the future. In my Next post, I will go into doing detail on how to make a website more accessibility.



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