CSC 495: Making an Accessible Website!


This post is as straight to the point as the title suggests, how to make a website accessible. Please note that I am no expert at this and these are just more suggest and tips on how to make an accessible. Also, please know that there no one fully accessible website and a website with more features is hard to make and keep accessible than one with fewer features.  

As I said there is no one 100% accessible website and there will never be one but that does do not stop us from getting closed and closed to make a website easy for everyone. This is where Standards and Guidelines help us out as designed. As beginner design, I have had many mistakes one of them as cutting directly to the design process like many who a beginner, I design a website that looked great and that I was proud of but did not meet the standard that my supervisor was asking. Thus resulting in me going back to the drawing board. As I want to let know starting that this happens all the time and is a bad time and give time for reflection which is helpful. Anyway, back to my point, please don’t jump head first as a beginner especially when to make a website accessible for another person.


There are two main types of accessibility document and that is WebAIM’s WCAG 2.0 and Section 508. Both of this documentation standards will help but please are sure you really go through and read to see the different in both. This will allow you to understand more about the different part needed so that you can design a better website without having to go back and forward redesigning. Also, I strongly recommend bootstrap for your base template if you starting for the first time. As someone who is still learning about this subject, it was a huge relief to know that bootstrap had done most of the work for me.

In conclusion reading and checking will your first step in make your website more accessible in the future. I am continuing this post with a follow-up named “CSC 495: Making an Accessible Website! Part 2”. I hoped you have enjoyed read and learned a little more about accessibility.



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