CSC 495 – Version Zero Prep.


This week I have been working on prep for version zero which I plan starting next week. I have already done the paper prototyping and my supervisor approved. To see how did my paper prototyping click here to read my last post. In my last post, I said that I would explain my two issues with downloading and uploading. Below, I will go through the process and how that lead to my answers, I need to prep for version zero.

Starting off with Uploading:

At first, I had no idea how to approach this problem. I did know what types of data I need to account for or how to store it. This lead me to searching the internet. I first tried what every good computer science student does use google. My first search was “how to upload with flask”, this came up with no good leads. So, I start searched to see how I would upload a pdf using python. I found all these ways how to do it with no luck. Lucky for me, one of my colleagues Cody Myers who is working on Flask as well point in the direction of a nice javascript software called “dropzone”. Dropzone is a nice open source resource that allows me to collect files without write my own script. Then after talk further with Cody, I figured out how to save that file in the file directory of the database and to store the path in the database. Then, I had a hard time with downloading the file from the database using send_file method included with Flask. I found this was because I not send the right file path because my application was sending object location data to the send_file method parameter. This took some toying around but I found an error in logic. It happened to be that I need to call it before and assign to a variable before input the data into a parameter. I will say after this experience, I know and appreciate the “” function. Without the “app.logger” I would have never found out some these problems were happening in the first place.


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