CSC 495: Plan for Version Zero and Moving Forward


After working paper prototyping working with research and learn how, I would download, and upload documents as shown in my last post. I will explain the result and how my method of how I got there working on this small project. Plus, an overview of my next steps in the upcoming week.


Currently, I am done with testing and overall it went well. I was able to upload and download from my test database with the help of a colleague, Cody Myers. Below I will be going into detail about my wanted timeline for this upcoming week and a little reflect on my progress so far.


Mon – Deicide on how I was the file system to look and then start build the database.

Tues – Get to a point where you can have a demo version zero project to show to my Supervisor

Wed – Get it fully work it little for a demo

Thur – Bug Fixing and Testing

Fri – Finish with Version Zero

Note: That these dates are not set but are the wanted possibility.


This week has been an interesting and filled this researching after researching and testing. This almost felt like I was doing then but it felt good and peaceful. I never did this type of work and I am starting to like it. I will say work this line of work I am starting to see my downfall with notes. Which is why I am going to write more notes for myself in the code and I feel that I should start writing more blog post. But these post will be about the progress of  code and what it means line by line. After, looking back this my testing I found that I could have done a bit of a better job with preparing more example and prepare better. Next time, I will prepare and test my prototype with other before showing it off to my supervisor.


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