CSC 495 – Paper Prototyping for Version Zero


To push the next step in the development process, I did paper prototyping. Paper prototyping is a type testing for the customer that we do before building the application. This allows the customer to have a virtual demonstration.

Below is the demonstration that did:

This is the main page which includes a search Feature feature and Download feature. This page has a navbar that links to the upload page. Went the page is first rendered it will show all quarry of items and will render the page the search is pushed.

Main Page.jpg

Below is the page but it rendered the search “Ch. 1” which resulted in two items being shown. I did set the version zero with the intention of the only title but further versions will include the feature to search more than the title.

Main Page 2.jpg

Now, on to the next page. This page is the upload page. The upload page will allow the user to upload a document and below will list the document title with its size and date that is was uploaded.

Upload Page.jpg

After you have chosen the file by first clicking on the choose file button and selecting the file from your computer, you now should see the file on the right as should below. Then if you click the upload file button it will render the page and show that it was submitted just you see below.

Upload Page 2.jpg

In conclusion, the paper prototyping when great my supervisors love it and are ready to see version zero. Now, I only have two issues I don’t how to upload and download a file and this I will discuss, in my next posted.




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