CSC 495 – Week 3 -Flowchart

This week I had been working on a flowchart of the process in question with DAS. Below I will explain how the process, how I am going to use it to design the DAS database.

The Process:

FlowChart 5.0.png Above is a picture of the flowchart of the process. It starts with contacting the student and asking if the they want the alternate text for their texts book. Then if yes, look the course information on Banner then if found look the textbook information on the Berea bookstore website. Then, we find the where alternate text might be been available. First Bookshare,  Learning Ally, Amazon, Moodle, ATN, receive the text from the publisher, make the conversion ourselves or hire an outsourcing company. These are the step taken by the DAS to ensure that the student has available text.

Now with this information of the whole process, I am design the database they want and need. Here are some of my ideas currently (Note that this just some of starting idea/plans):

Version 1

Store the conversion projects with a database

Make an item table

Id, int, auto, primary key

Name, text

File Type, text

Display the stored conversion projects from the database

Download the displayed conversion projects through an interface

Upload a conversion projects through an interface


Version 2

User table with the different level of access levels in the database.

User Table

Id, int, auto, primary key

Username, text

Password, text

Level Acess, int, foreign key to User Groups Id



2;hellrungj;Password;2(Labor Student)



User Groups table or User Access table

Id, int, auto, primary key

Name, text


1; Staff

2;Labor Student


Make it where the item can be assigned to certain user groups

Make it where the Student groups cannot access the item without being assigned access


These are just some of idea starting ideas for Version 1 and Version 2. I well write more about my plans in my next blog post.  



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