CSC 495- Week 2 – Inventory-Flask

In this post will go into detail about the inventory-flask system.


Inventory-flask in a project started by Matt Jadud for the purpose of learning python flask with virtualenv and peewee. In term of the work that I have done with the project can take a look at my repo on bitbucket. This project is a demo inventory system that told an item with a name, value, count and displayed them on one. I took this concept and expanded it to include comments along login features for users. Now, then you start the application you will have to log in. Once, log in the application will send you to the main page. The previous main had a search bar, insert item form and displayed a query based the search. For example, if you first enter the site you see all item and then you could search and it would send to the same page but this updated item based on the search. Now, what I did was add a comment  insert form below the item insert from and added another results field for the comment below the item result field. Then, I modify the search bar to allow to display the query of the comment that corresponds with their items. Then, I added edit buttons to the end of each query row in the result field. This edit button would take the user to the item or comment edit view which then the user could edit the item or the comment along with the option to delete it as well.


This project was a fun first step into the project and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to first write flask. along with flask own tutorial. Please that you should start this first it should a third or fourth after you done one or two tutorial first. Thank you for reading.


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