CSC 495 – Learning Flask – Week 1 – The Quickstart


In my last post, I explained how I got set up with my build for my project. But, here is a quick introduction. I have been learning Flask, a python Microframework that I will be using to make the software that interacts with an SQLite database for DAS (Disability and Accessibility Services). This post will be elaborating on my experience with my first-week with Flask Quickstart tutorial.


As I say in my last post, I haves working with Flask most notable the Quickstart tutorial on the flask website. Now before going into too much detail yet, I wanted to explain my background. Before starting this project, I had experience with Ruby on Rails, not Flask but I did a strong background in Python. Now, this reason, why I deiced for Flask is because that Berea Computer Science Program  teaches Python as the core language. Being so, I thought it would better if that application was primarily written Python and way any Berea Computer Science major could pick up that database and not have to learn another language. Now, don’t get me wrong learning other languages, in my opinion, is fun but given the situation being that labor student who works 10 – 15 hours week, that is a lot on one person especially a undergraduates student.

Anyway, I wanted to make this clear and that the purpose of this blog is to document and help future who want to learn Computer Science especially with the Berea Colege DAS that I am going to build.

Flask Quickstart

Anyway, after getting setup. I started with reading the flask website and found the Quickstart part of their page. In this part of their site. It shows and explains how to get start with a first flask project Flaskr a little blogging application.This tutorial is cut into ten steps which are linked below if you want to try flask for yourself, I strongly recommend it for anyone who is interested in learning.

At first, this process was intimidated. I admit, it took a lot of time of researching, trial and error but in the end I got a successful application running that I felt happy with.

Starting with the process, I first walk through the tutorial and I admit that not that the tutorial didn’t explain,  I with my in experience with the Flask give me that most trouble. My first issue was that I didn’t understand how Flask was using routes and how they work, yeah I that route to call and to generate a page but I did not understand why they work this pushed me to look further into Flask read more documentation about route and how they generate this lead me to finding put the Flask was a part of Jinja and Werkzeug. Then finding that Jinja was modeled after Django’s templates. This lead me to finding more about Django. I will go over about Jinja and Werkzeug, later.


Looking back, I learned how to use Flask routes and how to Jinja’s templates. Now, I admit this tutorial didn’t help me with the database side. For this, I had to learn up more about SQLite and SQL were I admit, I did not much experience with in the past. I did this the help of SQLite main site and their Quickstart tutorial page. I also did‘s first SQL course. After was done with learning a little bit of SQL along with SQLite and work my way through the quickstart flask tutorial , I had a working mini blog using flask and had learned and created a great base on SQL.


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