CSC 495 – Learning Flask – Week 1 – The Build


Last and this week, I have been learning Flask. Flask is a python Microframework that I will be using to make the software interacting with the database for DAS (Disability and Accessibility Services). This post will be elaborating on my experience with my first-week with Flask.


As most people do, I started with the Quickstart tutorial on flask’s webpage.  This Quickstart tutorial was great and very helpful. I really appreciated the time, the designer put into the website. I did run into some problems along the way. One being my build set up, I have problems setup on windows from the start. Below, there are two sections. In the first, I will explain the process how I got my build and then, I will give a walk of the tutorial.

Windows -> Cloud 9

First thing first, I have issues with windows with setting up Flask. Now, the reason, this was so hard is that I did not have a Linux machine to start with, so I tried to run the setup through my windows machine. This process was frustrating and not be of the instructions were difficult but because my computer just had a hard time realizing where the path was for the application. I searched for about two hours and finally thought, “Hey, maybe MoboXtrem could because of its Linux shell”. Now, MoboXterm did actually work but it was not optimal. There were times where MoboXtrem files and then after cd.. and cd back in they would be there. At this point both windows and MoboXterm were unsuccessful and that’s when I  switched to Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is an online open source IDE  (integrated development environment) that allowed me to easily setup my build and connect my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts for version control. This was a lifesaver, was Linux and it was easy to setup and tear out if need along with easy to use version control. I would say that using Cloud 9 was not  a perfect solution, being that Cloud 9 depended on having access to the internet. I will that it save me and gave me a leg up and allowed me to start my project. After this experience, I know to take more time out on researching build opination and to plan that better in the scope of my next project deployment process.


In the end, it all worked out and I am happy that I able to get as far, as I did in about a week. I will continue the part about the Quickstart tutorial in the next post. Thank you for read and I plan on writing more about the project’s SDS (Standard Design Specification) and Flask in the week that follows.



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