CSC 495 – My First Day


Yesterday was my first day and an interesting day it was. Before jumping right into the reasons, let me give you a quick summary of what happen and then follow up with my reflection. Followed by a brief tutorial on ABBYY Fine Reader and Word Templates.


Yesterday started with me moving from one dorm hall to another. I woke at 7 am and started moving my stuff downstairs in the lobby area of Deep Green (Dorm Hall). I finish moving my stuff out of my room and into the lobby at around 9 am and then sign out of my room at which point, I then needed to again moves my stuff to James (Dorm Hall). This time, moving had a few issues. Two of the issues were that we had to be out complete from the hall at 10 am and that James was not going to be open until 9:30 am, which meant that I could not keep my stuff in the lobby. Third and Forth that there was now a street between James and I and that both halls are on a hill meaning that people who are driving have less line of sight because of the incline. I eventual was able to get my stuff out of Deep Green and into James lobby but took until noon. I was only possible with the help of a friend and vehicle. Once, I got everything into James, I sign into James with the help of an RA (Residential Advisor) and shown my room. Then, I spend the next hour moving my stuff again up to my room and taken few minutes to freshen myself up (new clothes, shower and etc…) and then to Woods-pen (An Office Build on Campus) to turn in my clearance card for the college.

After all that, I arrived at my job and things got a lot simpler, thanks to Renea (My supervisor). During my time at work, Renea introduced me to the office and went into detail about my responsibilities. After that, she introduced me to ABBYY FineReader and showed how to convert a document using this software along with Mircosoft Word. Lastly, we discussed and planned are next steps.

After working, I then went back to my dorm room rearrange it to making it livable for myself and incoming roommate. Then went to Walmart, to buy some food for a week and a half so that I would not starve to death because early in the day, I found out that I could not get the paperwork required to acquire food stamps until next Monday. After that I went to bed and back to work, today at 8 am.


After, all the events that ensued, the great thing was that I was still able to work, move out, move in, get food, organize my room, and still have a pretty nice day. I believe that’s a win in my book. Yesterday, I ended with only a few thing left on my plate. One being, I needed to meet up Matt (My advisor) to talk about getting a setup with both hardware and software. Second, I needed to get started researching different information about my current project.

All and all, I learned yesterday at work a lot about ABBYY Fine Reader. I learned how to convert and create an image PDF to accessible word document, word document to accessible PDF and finally an image PDF to accessible PDF. Below, I explain how one does this in detail. We also when into how the word should be formatted. This involved me making a template that followed those guidelines which, I will explain below.

After learning about ABBYY Fine Reading and learning about how to make an accessible document, I think it has been a great first day. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week is going to look.

How to convert:

First, you will go into ABBYY Fine Reader after you have downloaded the software.

ABBYY FineReader 12 picture.png

Then, you can select an action from the menu as seen above. For explaining the action “Image or PDF File to Microsoft Word” will take a PDF and allow you to convert the PDF into a Word Document. You might notice, that I did explain how the document becoming accessibility and that is because after selecting the action you then are taken to the editor which allows you to make edits that thus make the document accessible as seen in the picture below.

ABBYY FineReader 12 picture 2.png

How to Make a Document Accessible:

Note: when using the action “Image or PDF File to Microsoft Word”, the software will open a word document with the PDFs text in it. You will want to close this when starting.

Now, that you are in the editor of ABBYY Fine Reader. You can see that it shows the PDF on the left and what looks like the text and picture on the right with lines between them just like the picture above.  First, we will go through how to edit the text and pictures boxes. Second, I will explain, how to discontinue text and pictures. Third, I will explain, how to create text and pictures boxes. Fourth, I will explain how to save the conversation. Fifth, I will explain of the reorganize the text and pictures boxes. Sixth, I will explain, how to verify text and why that is important before sending the converted information and creating the new converted accessible document.


On the left side of the edit where you see the text and picture with the lines between are a visual of how the document that you are going to convert will look. The text between the lines is shown on the left inside the green boxes and the side with the picture except they are in red boxes. You can reshape the boxes to allow more or less.


ABBYY FineReader 12 picture 3.png

When you want to deleting you will select the box wanted on the left side and then click on the icon that looks like a box with an x on it as above in the picture.


ABBYY FineReader 12 picture 2.png

Creating a box is done by clicking one of the box icons and then drawing the box wanted on the screen as seen above in the picture. There are fives types of icons:

  • Text (Highlighted in Red)
  • Picture
  • Text & Picture
  • Grid
  • Blank


ABBYY FineReader 12 picture 4.png

To organizing the boxes in order to be read, you will need to click on the icon as seen above. When selected you will click on a box and it will number that box starting from one. This allows the software to read the document.


You can a save your convert work one page at a time or all at once. To save page by page click the read page at the top of the left side conversation text editor and to save the whole document click to read in the toolbar of the ABBYY Find Read.


After reading this section you now should be able to create your own accessible document. I will make another post about ABBYY Fine Reader and how to use it and that will go more into detail.

Microsoft Word Accessible Formated Template:

This template is for students with a print disability and the goal is to make the document more readable. Below are the step the I took when creating the template.

Before going into the detail about the properties of the template, first, you must know how to modify a style. This can  you can modify the style by

Modify style can be done right clicking on the header and by selecting “modify…”  in the styles bar in the Home Tab. This will show you a menu with the properties and formatting of one of the styles. Below, I will go through each one of the style types that we are changing.


Font: Arial, Size: 10, Color: Black

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Header 1:

Font: Arial, Size: 14, Bold, Color: Blue

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Header 2:

Font: Arial, Size: 13, Bold, Color: Red

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Header 3:

Font: Arial, Size: 12, Bold, Color: Dark Blue

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Header 4:

Font: Arial, Size: 10, Bold, Color: Dark Green

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Header 5:

Font: Arial, Size: 10, Bold, Color: Black

Click this icon twice P1-1.png

Click this icon once P1-2.png

Saving and Importing Templates:

Then, once you have modified each one of these styles, you can save it by going to save as a word document template. To import the Word template you have to go file > options > Add-In and then select Templates under Manage and hit the button “go”.





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