CSC 495 – Getting Started


Now, that CSC 486 is complete, I am starting my internship (CSC 495) for this summer. My summer internship is with Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS) under the Office of Student Services at Berea College. I will be building a database and interactive database systems for DAS. This database will be for the use for storing conversion projects for student use. I will explain what conversion project in more detail in a later post. Below, I will explain my project along with my duties, learn objectives.


This database will serve the following users and tasks:

DAS Admin

  • Upload textbooks and materials needed for accessible format conversion projects
  • Able to report on active conversion projects
  • Able to approve pending conversion projects from DAS Labor Students
  • Able to accept conversion projects requests from Students

DAS Labor Students

  • Able to upload textbooks and materials for an active conversion project
  • Able to submit conversion projects to DAS Admin

Students with Print Disabilities

  • Obtain their own conversion projects
  • Able to submit a request for a conversion project


These are the following duties, I will have during my internship and may be subject to change if needed.

  • Assisting with creating accessible materials
  • Assisting with the use and maintenance of assistive technology
  • Contributing content about D.A.S to online resources
  • Familiarizing myself with the employer, their goals, and their processes

Learning objectives:

  • Apply concepts from my CS curriculum in a non-academic setting
  • Formulate and express a personal understanding of a modern work environment and how it relates to my personal career goals
  • Use oral communications skills to present complex ideas at the appropriate level for a specific audience
  • Use my written communications skills to present complex ideas at the appropriate level for a specific audience
  • Create project documentation using effective writing
  • Define levels of accessibility and accessibility in relation Section 508 standards
  • Design a database that attempts to meet Section 508 standards


During this time of my intership, I will be writing more posts about this project and how it is progressing along. These posts topics will include the topics from reflection to assessment, most of which will be posting about reporting following by reflection.



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