CSC 486: CodeWorkout – Nerd Rage!!!!!!!!!

These last few weeks, I have had, what some people would call a nerd rage. The reason for this is the stress of Berea College and the upcoming senior year. I admit, I have been keeping my cool but never the less, I have been stressed. This the result of a lot assignment and performs due at the same thing but I am such thankful because this Friday was my 22nd birthday. This meaning that I was able to go home for the weekend and relax. Thank you to all the people, who have supported me these 22 years.

It is such a few more week until the end of the semester. I will be posting a lot this week to make up previous weeks. Below, I will explain my plans her the next upcoming posts.

 Plans Posts:

  • Brain Storming: Portfolio
  • Reflection of the work thus far
  • Project Update
  • Time Line Update
  • SDS Update
  • Post about the future ideas about this project

Most of these I am currently writing and will post by the end of this week. Thank you for reading.





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