CSC 486: HAML – Stylesheets


In my group, I have been working on the stylesheets for the project as I state in a post before click below to be taken that post.

Plains for Version 1

Below, I will explain the process of how layouts work in rails.

Layouts in rails are very similar to layouts in a normal web application the only exception is the file location. Layouts are located in the app/assets/layouts directory of a ruby on rails. In this directory, you should see a stylesheets.css file, theme directory, along with a few other files. All these files control the coloring, formatting of the View. In the example, we are going to look at the custom.scss. This file is pretty easy if you know CSS but if you don’t here have some resources below. or

Both these resources will help. Now, once you understand that you show be able to move on the next part. The part is in my following post. In the next post, I will explain how layouts work throughout our project and how that can help you.


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