CSC 486: Version 1 – Q&A Forum Plans


After finishing Version Zero and planning what we would like to do for Version 1. It brings up the discussion of what going to do in the upcoming four weeks and how do we break down these weeks. Below, I go into more detail answer this question.


As I explained in the previous post, we are thinking about ten features that we would like to add to Version 1 before sending this to the master repo. Now I am going to go through and I show you my projected timeline for my part in the project. Below, I will explain the steps I will take along with the date that I plan on to do these steps to complete my task.

Note that this not my final schedule but a draft of my ideas for the pursuit of finding a schedule that fits and matches our group needed along with my own. Mostly like this schedule will change as the days come closer to my team’s deadline.



This Week or First Week (Mar. 30 – Apr. 2):

I am going to be working towards finishing the review of Version Zero; this means looking back and reviewing commits that I made in the code. This is will get us ready for the Code Review that we doing for Class on Monday. I have already started on implementing connecting the Q&A forum. Start the Dive into researching on how Layouts and Stylesheets work in our Ruby on Rails application.

The Second Week (Apr. 3 – Apr. 9):

Continue the dive into research and start the testing of the Layouts and Stylesheets for our Q&A forum. This will include me make a different branch that I will miss with for test reasons. Have a basic Demo version for review to show peers will need to be completed. In addition

The Third Week (Apr. 10 – Apr. 16):

Have a working Draft version of the Stylesheets and Layouts that meet a basic description of what we want. This way my other team members can review that version and make comments.

The Fourth Week (Apr 17. – Apr. 23):

 Have made updates to Draft Version complete for review along with making a pull request to our main repo and updating it the final Version with conflicts happen. In addition, reviewing and testing for bugs.

The Final Week (Apr. 24 – Apr. 28):

The final week, I plan on review the Q&A forum along with test it for bugs and writing documentation for the Q&A forum that same others can pick up after we left off. Overall, the final week, I planning that final week be a wrap-up week. This way, the final will act as a fallback if there any issues that arise with my team or myself.


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