CSC 486: CodeWorkout – Plans for Version 1


Now that Version 0 is complete, we needed to set up plans for the rest of the Q&A forum. Below is what is discuss in detail. Followed by what we foresee in the upcoming four weeks to come.


  1. Create a layout for Q&A forum
  2. Create a style sheet for Q&A forum views
  3. Sort/Search for questions using tags and keywords
  4. Permissions for users
  5. Unit tests
  6. Connect the Q&A forum to the main website
  7. Create Question button on the exercises views for the main application
  8. User reporting features for responses and questions
  9. Upvoting for responses
  10. Solving duplication issues with responses

These were the main points that we made that we wanted to change by the end of the semester. This would be are Version 1 that we would have run to give to the community.

Are personal assignments:

During the planning, we broke these part for each of us. I had the first, second, and sixth part. Vincent had ninth and the tenth part. Jacob had the creating the fourth and fifth part. Austin had the third and seventh part. Then are two new members (Angesom Mezgebo and Yhenew Kassie) were assigned the eighth path.

Angesom and Yhenew are the new addition to our team. Please follow their blogs:

Angesom’s blog   Yhenew’s blog


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