CSC 486: Ruby on Rails – Beginning the Journey into Rails



I have been work on Version Zero. I was assigned the feature surrounding the views of question#show, question#index, and response#show. This meant I had to learn how to write HAML and Rails. Thanks to the Rails for Zombies, I learned how CRUD work, Views, Model, Routes, and Controller. Now, I have a better standing of Rails. Along the way, I also learned about the Rails Command Line as well. Below is a look at what I have done so far.


Picture of question#show.png


Picture of question#index.png



Picture of response#show.png

Question Controller

Picture of question controller.png

Response Controller

Picture of response controller.png

Rail Command Line

Along with learning how all this work I also learned how to use the Rails Console to make data is the database.Click here to read more about Rails Command Line. I will go more in-depth with the Rails Command Line in my next post.

Below I will show what the user see on CodeWokout.


CodeWorkout - Question#Index.png
The links work. The Title will send the user to the Question#show view. The Edit and Delete will send the user currently to their own views. 


All the links work. This page will generate all responses assign to this question. ID the user clicks on the text of that response they will be sent to the Response#show view. The Edit and Delete links will send the users to their own views. 



As now, you have seen all three views and how I have done them. I admit, this was very confessing at first but I glad now that I understand that Rails a whole than last week.

Thank you to my team for working with me and I hope this blog can show you the view great information.


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