CSC 486: Ruby on Rails – Scaffolding



The team and I as you know are working on a Ruby on Rails and it is my first working on a project like this CodeWorkout. This being said I have been working hard to gain an understanding of Rails and now, I am writing about for everyone to see my question and follow along with my research. This time, around I am writing about Scaffolding and my own questions surround it. I am going to go section by section of what I am reading along with questions and the answer I have found. Then follow by a quick summary of the article.


I read this article about Scaffolding. This sounds pretty straightforward, no question yet. Let’s move on to the summary.


It seems that Scaffolding is a technique for model-view-controller framework like Ruby on Rails. This technique allows the programmer to control faster success, quicker code from users, it a way to jump start foundation development and it allows the programmer to learn more about Rails. Scaffolding does this by work together with framework and code templates and generates a work application. This application can use create, read, update and delete (CRUD) features which make scaffolding ever a powerful application. Scaffolding can also list and show data along with the CRUD features.


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