CSC 486: Ruby on Rails – Stepping Forward

For me, Ruby on Rails and this entire semester has been hard. I have to learn whole new applications and method of doing things on tops of my projects. Below, I will explain by what I mean in more detail.

Firsts for me this semester:

  1. Ruby on Rails Application:
    1. Never worked with this before
    2. Knew Ruby but that not as Ruby on Rails
  2. Ruby on Rails Scaffolding:
    1. Brand new application for Ruby on Rails
  3. Databases:
    1. Never build one
  4. Blogging:
    1. Battle with communication through writing
  5. Work on a web application other than WordPress:
    1. WordPress has been pretty basic (Write a blog post and customing a setting or two)
  6. Using GitHub:
    1. Never knew how to upload until this semester.
    2. Never understood complete what version control.
  7. Dealing with Personal Issues:
    1. Main support person is currently studying abroad in Japan
    2. Getting a new labor position on campus
      1. Getting Ready
        1. Preparing Resume & Cover Letter
      2. Interviewing
    3. Getting an internship on this summer
      1. Applying
      2. Getting Ready
        1. Preparing Resume, Personal Website, & LinkedIn
      3. Interviewing
    4. Getting housing this summer along with the fall
      1. Talking with landlords
      2. Money!
    5. Fighting the Berea Struggle Bus
      1. Money!
      2. Food!
      3. Classes!
      4. People!
      5. Berea Gaming Club!
      6. Black Music Ensemble (BME)!
    6. Dealing with a Disability
      1. Writing
      2. Talking
      3. English
      4. Japanese
      5. Communication effectively 
        1. Presentions


This is a list for myself and other. The main object is to enlighten and brainstorm for myself and others who want to know what I dealing with on daily bases.


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