CSC 486: Revision & The Learning Process


It is now, midterms and I am reviewing over my work. Last night, I noticed that multiple changes needed to be made to this blog. Today and last night, I made changes to my posts and I am, now make a plan to make sure that I have better post for the future.

The Learning Process:

It takes failure, realization, accepting, determination, and time. All these factors we have to deal with as humans. It is how we all learn. Without, any of these five core factors we cannot learn. It is sad but the truth. Knowing this, I have to utilize this understanding for my benefit.

I admit it has been a hard few weeks for me with multiple conflicts happening back and forth. As a student, I understand the Learn Process and what I need to complete but had the issue was other matters standing in my way. The great thing is now; I am seeing resolution to those conflicts, which means that I can focus more on making better posts. I am looking forward to making it a greater blog post. Thank you to my support network who has been at my side though most of these conflicts. I believe, now I have the support I need to move in the direction, I need to take. I will never forget the lessons taken from this semester. Which is why, I am going to start blog about my step of my learn process for making this blog post better also with blogging about our project CodeWorkout.


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