CSC 486: Lightning Talk and Midterm!


Today in class, we talked about midterms which were very interesting. Then, we did are Lightning Talk speeches. During my Lightning Talk, I felt like a nervous train wreck. After, hearing rest of speeches I felt better because we were not the only ones. Anyway, great job to everyone. You all did a fantastic job, keep up a great work.

Lightning Talk:

Reflecting back, I think we did a great job. Vincent and I were very nervous but I believe we pull it off. I admit that at times we got ahead of ourselves but we managed to get the job done. The most import thing is that we were able to get the point across effective. So, 1 point for CodeWorkout.

Here is Vincent’s and my Lightning Talk. Note that the presentation will play by itself. Each slide is has a timer for 30-second until transitioning to the next slide. The topic being are next step in the project, which I will go into detail with the next blog post.


I believe my team and I are all doing super. I believe Team CodeWorkout should do excellent on our midterm grade. I admit that I am worry about how the blog posts are going to factor in along with SDS, Lightning Talk and Peer Evaluations for are midterm.

In light of all my worry, I think I will do fine. I cannot shake the feeling of the fear of the unknown. In terms of CodeWorkout, I believe that we are an amazing team and I am proud to be part of this team. Thank you to the rest of the CodeWorkout team for a great half of this semester and thank you to Matt for making this opportunity happen.


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