CSC 486: Talking with Stephen Edwards


On Friday, my team and I talked with Dr. Stephen Edwards and we discussed our project plan and questions. This talk lasts for an hour and 15 mins so I will try to summary this as best I can.

The Talk!

When talking with Dr. Edward we started by talking about how could we add to the question to project which we found out was adding a YAML file to the project. He talked us through the YAML, which I am going to document after this post. Then we talked about making a Forum page for student and he agreed to say it would a great idea and give us tips on how he would like the forum. Then we talked about the IU in general which he say that we have full rein on create ideas for if we want.

The Next Steps!

We walked away with three major ideas. Number one created an exercise. The second was to make a forum for students. Third was to document the YAML file because CodeWorkout has no document for this.


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