Using Feedly for the first time.


I am writing this post to reflect on my first moments of using Feedly. After reading articles on Feedly and found information about typing also with Python and Github.

What is Feedly:

Feedly is an RSS manager. Feedly makes using RSS easy and simple for the user. Personally, Feedly gives me the freedom to see multiple articles without spreading a lot of time going back and forth through every news website or blog.


Yesterday, after I read an article by about typing, I realized that I always through that I had a bad type because I lack the formal touch-typing system. In high school, I had a computer class where I was taught formal typing but I always had the hardest time with the class. I always believed that I trembled at typing because I was trying to retrain my muscle memory. During the class, I sit there for an hour at a time, typing away feeling bad. I knew that retrain my muscle memory was very difficult and I tried pushing through the class and at first, I was not so successful. I will admit that I switch over to the informal self-taught from to keep up with the class. In the article, George Dvorsky who is the writer linked How We Type, which is where Dvorshy got his information. The link is from Aalto University by Anna Maria FeitDaryl Weir and Antti Oulasvirta about the “5 things you didn’t know about how you type”. Along with the five tips, there is also the Publication about their finding. This was a very enlightening read and I encourage anyone to look into his or her work.

Side Note:


Feedly has been a great tool for keeping up with blogs and news websites. It has given the power how keeping track of all my team members blog all with the articles that I wrote about above.


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