Where I am at in the Project


The objective of this post in to give a perspective of our situation as a group.

My Personal Situation:

I admit, I am a little lost. I am trying to get caught this Jacob – who is incredible – and try to get used to blogging. Before this semester, I never blogged about anything in my life. I did start this blog but I did understand that a blog really was let alone why I should blog but now, this class. I am beginning to understand the importance of blogging about work and one’s life. I admit this is a challenge for me to send out information about myself because have never done this before. This is why; I want to blog, a little more than asked from this class.

Back to the project:

I have looked at Jacob Stoebel blog to get to where he is. Today, I wish as a group we had more time to talk. I really appreciate the talk that we had in class but I wish I had more time with my team to focus on the project.


The good thing is that I did get to talk to Jacob right before class started about are a project and did let him know that this was an issue. So at the very least we are moving in the right direction. I going to try to email all of them tonight to see if we can meet up and talk about this issue because I not the only one with this issue Austin and Vincent do as well.


I am not saying that is a problem but I am explaining my experience because it should be valued along with documented.


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