Today at Berea College


This post is talking about the perspective of our situation as a class give that we as a class and banding together to make a change.

Why is this not used as a title for our newspaper?


Anyway, I want to say “Thank you” for Matt. Today talked about the problem that we as the college have faced. For all that don’t know, we all campus have had internet issues because the bandwidth is being use at around 100%  24/7, For all those who don’t understand this is a problem because the means a web page takes about 10 – 15 mins to load. This also means that the internet drops all the time especially while we are in class.

In class, Matt and the class had a discuss the Berean community issue. As a student, I really appreciated this talk. I like the fact that we as a community stopped and looked at how we can better our environment. I thought this was fantastic and should be done more often. In conclusion, I love this discussion in class and there should be more!


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