CSC 486: Contract Revision/ Hard Work Reflection


In class, we are looking over contracts that we made to ensure that the contract is sound proof. In addition, a reflection on the reading that Matt assign in class.

Contracts Notes:

For the most part, the contracts seem like very well done. Of course, with the very project, there is room for improvement, in case, a few keywords and a few sentences that maybe need to be extended on with a little bit more but the bulk of the information and the idea are there that is the most important part.

Matt, you would get an A is my book for the contacts but if I account for the time which the document should due then the contract would count as a B or C paper but then I need to account for the communication which in this case you did very well so maybe a B. I am kidding around but I really do really want Matt for you to know that I never actually seem a better contract, so to me I though the contracts were grade A value and defiantly worth the wait.

Plus, reading the Art of Community, I have really thought more about the contract especially in terms of the community impact and how that will shape the next few months in this class and our group. Therefore, I thank you for taking more time on the contracts and really fleshing these concepts.

Looking Forward: The Hard Work Reflection

After reading this chapter, I could not stop thinking about the simplicity and beauty of human nature. In life, I find it wonderful that no matter who we are and where we come from that we all have commonalities that span around culture, region, sex, history, and race. Because as a fellow human, I know that whomever I communicate with there will be a common thread between us. I admit that I have only recently felted this way. I believe it is interesting when one looks at number or psychology, a common idea can be found in these fields. Common ideas like of fear of public speaking, fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong, fear of dying, and fear of not being heard. All these fears but there are also desires like the wanting to become better, the wanting to fit in, the wanting to right, and the wanting to find a purpose. I admit I am a psychology and I am speaking my mind but I believe to be fact and those us as human, we make our own desires and fear that fit along them. We as human make our universe or if you think it as a book are our canon that only we can change and update.

Not trying to push my feeling into the mix too much but I believe that I am human and that defining one’s happiness is a lifetime goal that we are all attempting to reach. For myself, it takes a long time for me to realize that I am the keeper of my own destiny. Just like Matt, I realize the goal and the issues that are keeping me from my goal but the same I know that I am human and the goal that I am trying to reach for impossible. Here is the funny and we do, we trying anyway. I find the most beautiful about us as humans are that we are all hypocrites in this great worldview ours trying to continuously to define ours in the outside world.

A little about me:

In terms of myself, I like most people have parent issues, most notable I have issues with my father. Like Matt, knowing is half the battle maybe even much more for some but the fact of the matter the change is an internal want that we all have and can connect with. It sad because many times as a Society, we do not embrace this need.

Knowing the feeling. I understand and can see how has caused problems for me in the past as well. Thank you, people who, I have opened with and are will to work, I am working on myself. Relating back to the reading Matt go back and forth about not be able to see himself. My response to that is we as humans who make tasks simple that way we can move on to the next task that not being able to see one action is very common especially here in America. For, example when I was a child, I could never see or understand why other kids were making fun of me. Questions like, “I bring this down to me or they are just jerks. These questions show that I was unsure about of I was communicating. Even now, I can tell you if I am communicating ineffective matter but what do know is that we are told and informed of the effective matter of my message and this is the power of community. It is funny because the most detrimental part of human is interaction because through interaction we as human learn from one another and grow. This how every human work from the time he/she is born to the time that we died.

Warping up:

I find it very funny that after reading that can now look at Matt and feel a deeper level of understanding. This for me is the WOW factor of living. These events always make me chuckle inside because it bringing a feeling of understanding and enlightenment. I will say as a student who is learning about him how to interact with the same feeling, as a professor is profound and empowering. I have to say it take guts to open up about this subject being an adult or a child. Funny, I am actually easy to speak up about our feeling being vulnerable. It funny, because early in the week, I read the book called the “happiness at work” by Dr. Srikumar S. Rao. In chapter “Let it go – babies do!!”, Dr. Rao talks about the previous chapter was about being a Daruma doll which is a Buddhist doll that always stand back up again. Dr. Rao uses this idea and continues by go on about this idea but with the new example of babies. In Dr. Rao example, a baby who could not stand does not get hang up on the fact that she or she could not stand up. The baby just does it until he or she completes the task. Think about if we as babies stopped and got hang up every time we failed. When as babies would never learn to stand.  Dr. Rao continues along with the understanding that as humans we must be resilient in-term and learn never to give up in the event of hardship.


The little thing is what matters like what Matt said in his writing. That is what get us through our days. Community building, in my opinion, is the fundamental skill that spares human from the rest of other lifeforms on this planet. To finally end, it I say thank you, Matt, for sharing your experience with us and building a deep foundation with the class and myself.


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