Communicating Clearly – CSC 486


After reading the Art of Community, I felt empowered because I currently run as the President of Berea Gaming Club on Berea College’s campus and this book made me realize my skills, tools and mindsets and how they can help be more successful at what I love doing. I admit, last night after reading chapter 9 of the 3 chapters that were assigned to my class. I sat back in my room in my room and thought to self, wow I wish I would have known about this book sooner. The reason I felt this way was because I have in the past had issues with communication with my club and most of the issues, I deal with which involve about the experience in developing my community.


One problem, I had an issue with communication as the president of the club was the time I as first becoming last year. I was freaking out because I was just told that I was going to be the only officer in the group. I realize now, that because I was not experienced in community manager that my communication was poor. An example for when after I hear about this information from the former president, I return to her on the following Monday with a list of the idea and future plan and it came across as a hostile takeover.


In an opposite case, last night after finishing my reading for CSC 486, I had a nice conversation with my secretary in which we talked about how your plans are at the next officer meeting. In this case, I clearly present the thing I would like to see and my plans I would like to present them and I will say that it is because of my experience has changed and because of that, I made better choices with my communication.

Experience gained:

After reading and looking back, I realize that I have done a great job starting with nothing. This was a powerful event for me because I admit when one is recurring down far into a project it is hard to get an overview of your own work. After realizing this I have started feeling better about this year and me happy at what happen next for this semester and the future ahead.


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