CSC 486 – Project Summary


The name of our project is CodeWorkout. It is an educational open source project to help people who have never coded before learn how to program by providing them with a customizable educational path. The site will give immediate feedback and suggestions in order to best support students in their learning. There are 16 members in the CodeWorkout group, but only 3 people have made contributions to the project. 1 person has a few contributions, 2 people have and are still making a lot of contributions (at least 5 or 6 commits to the code this month alone for each individual).

How to get started:

The best way to start to helping with the project is to go to the issue report available on GitHub that tells us the issues currently known to exist, and test to see how the bugs are connected to the rest of the website. The documents that are available to help a newcomer grasp the project better as well as learn how to best contribute are the readme, notes.txt, and style-guide documents. The group seems to only use one platform to track bugs and feature requests and that is by the Issues tab of the project’s original repo. There are 34 open problems at the time of writing this document. About half of which are currently being worked on and the rest yet to be worked on. That is to say, the issues are being addressed but it is hard to tell as to the stages of progress each individual has gotten to. From experimenting with forking the repository and downloading it, it only takes a few minutes to download the repository. From what we have read, the installation will take only a few minutes, but that is yet to be confirmed. As far as we can tell, the best mode of communication is through email but we need to confirm this with the other members of the project. From what we have seen, it is clear that this project is bigger and more complex than what any of us had anticipated. This makes the challenge of learning the system all the more interesting. Additionally, the project has a lot of big issues it still needs to tackle, and seeing how we can best address these issues will be very interesting.

Make by Vincent Tembo and myself


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