Team Contracts

Any team contract should, in my opinion, should reward great communication, work toward better future and attendance with both work contribution and presence. I believe there are three keys in any team contract.

This goes along with what said in class with Equal contribution and the discussion with equal vs. fair. Plus, well-documented work and dealing with problems.

One thing, I want to add is that I believe the team should set up positive reinforcement structure for asking a question that is fun like a board game.

Think about if you were working in a group and being graded like a game but this gaming is meant to lead the group into failure but lead it into success. The only downside is that the game would be balanced for every member and the only to the winner the game is to participate in the game. Hell, you could even make it into a cool RPG. That sound fun.

Note: I think this would make an excellent addition to another class but the concept is a something to think about. A game invoking a class that invoke class participation. I think I might have the answer CLASSCRAFT.

I believe that all contact just makes this the mindset of make a help and better environment. This goal is most import to me because a not even year and a half ago, I learn how to code. I am a strong believer in it is every generation’s duty to create new pathways for the next generation. WE DO THIS BY STARTING WITH OURSELVES AND BUILDING OURSELVES UP AND THEN APPLY THOSE SKILLS TO NEW PEOPLE. This lead to health work and communities. I also want this heavily reflected in my team’s contract because as mush as I advocate for this key goal I know that I need some work in this department.





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