I choose you!


After many hours of deal with Berea’s network, I am finally able to submit and post this message along with my other message about team contacts.

I have chosen CodeWorkout as my starter. Now, I will able to start my adventure across Kento region of Japan.

The reason I why I chose this is because it seem awesome and I would love help and grow the community of coder. Especially, the realm of help new coder starts coding. I personally feel great choosing because this gives me a chance to help other who want to code like the people who design Codecademy. Sadly for this class, they are not open source but I still very interested in my decision.


I found research every easy for this open source software. CodeWorkout’s The Web-CAT Community was the first search item after searching “CodeWorkout”. CodeWorkout forum was very helpful and lead me to a great start. I learned CodeWorkout’s Goals, Planing, 2015 Launch, and how they see themselves. These are all very important information. Along the way, I found a book named introducing CodeWorkout: an adaptive and social learning environment written by Kevin Buffardi and Stephen H. Edwards. This book is an induction of their software and the befit and how those befits help teachers in the classroom. You can see the attract here in this

URL: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261851909_Introducing_CodeWorkout_an_adaptive_and_social_learning_environment_abstract_only.

I also took a look at their GitHub which can found at the URL: https://github.com/web-cat/code-workout. It was interesting and I will admit I no idea where to start and looking at their GitHub make us head spin because I have no understanding of how their structure works but I am willing to find out. I am excited because CodeWorkout is using Ruby and this give me an opportune to expand my skills.

Funny Notes:

After the first two item where are tons of workout articles. My personal favorite was the Konami Code Workout which shows up like five times between the first 10 posts. In these article the workout consisted of two pull-ups(up up), two push-ups(Down Down), lunges left and right (left right left right ), Burpee (B button), and finally air squats (A button). This easy to remember workout made my day but totally worth it.

Here is the link to the URL: http://lifehacker.com/geek-out-and-get-fit-with-the-konami-code-workout-1562204510



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