Customer’s Interest and how we responded.

My team customer was interested in make a cool that connect the campus of Berea College together with information. We called it the Berea Bubble. We meet with your customer for the first time, she was very happy and excited about our app. She had two things she wants us to add to our app. One was to connect your app to Facebook. She wanted us to have a part of our app to connect information so that people could connect that themselves to their Facebook page. In other words a link to Facebook. The second part was to make attendant count on an event in the app. So, that if are a customer could know how many people were going to an event. We thought was a great idea and are now moving that idea to every event on the app.

My team, responded great with our customer. During the presentation with the customer and the testing, we all showed great attention and appreciation. For example, when we meet with her for the first time, she gave us feedback on our app. So, we had one person write her feedback down and the rest of us gave the customer her full attention. After that, we thanked for her input and her time. This is why I couldn’t ask for a better team.



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